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Client's name: Stevie Lambert / Eytirth#1310 (Discord User ID: 261966358613458944)

Client's contact: Eytirth#1310 (Discord) / [email protected]

Client signs here ___________________________________________________

Freelancer's name:

Freelancer's contact:

Freelancer signs here ___________________________________________________

Date: 23/02/2023

The writer, in this contract called the "Freelancer" must write 50,000 words of creative writing world building/lore in the style of a fictional Wikipedia article. This article is a page with a title, containing at lest 2000 words if a place and 3000 words if a zu’aan group. Each part of an article, a "section" which is defined by the larger headers on the web page needs 500 words.

The sections for the Wikipedia article (On places in my fictional world) are ; "History", "Geography", "Plants", "Animals", while the sections for a zu'aan group ( a tribe/city of fictional sophont alien species) are: "History", "Psychology", "Culture", "Government", "Military", "Religion". There will be 25 total articles for the place pages and 16 total articles for the zu'aan groups per given 50,000 word set.

Payment Terms

1a. Payment Amount: The payment for every 50,000 words is £50.

1b. Payment timing: Milestone payments after every 10k or 25k words are a choice or fully afterwards.

1c. Payment method: Payment is via PayPal Only. I am not using any other way.

Other Terms

2a. Fiction Sample: The Client requires a prose-format fiction sample from the Freelancer for review before being considered for the job. This sample cannot be AI-generated or stolen from else were. You must have a portfolio.

2b. Deadline: There is a 60-day deadline for the Freelancer to finish their work.

Termination Clauses

3a. Ghosting: If the Freelancer is unresponsive for a week without warning, this contract will be terminated.

3b. Article Quality: If the Freelancer's articles do not follow our Article Quality Policy or Canon Policy, or if they are cliche, the Freelancer will get 3 strikes before contract termination.

3c. The contract may be terminated with the agreement of both parties (Freelancer and Client).

3d. If the work is found to be stolen or AI-generated, the contract with be terminated as per 3e.

3e. If the the contact is terminated by terms 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, the Freelancer forfeits all pay. Their work will be deleted from the wiki and not used.

Article Quality Policy

4a. All articles must adhere to the established canon.

4b. All articles must be up to 2000 words for a place and 3000 words for a zu'aan group. Sections must be up to the required 500 words.

4c. All articles must use acceptable punctuation, spelling, and grammar. This includes the article title. Please follow this quick and dirty guide:

4d. Articles must be well-written and not make groups/lifeforms overpowered/super powerful.

Canon Policy

5a. There is no magic or psychic powers.

5b. Lifeforms must be able to evolve in earth-like world characteristics and be realistic.

5c. There are no real-world lifeforms or relations to real-world lifeforms nor overpowered/super-powerful lifeforms. Even mentioning them is not allowed.

5d. No tech past the iron age.

5e. No real gods/goddesses/deities/magical beings/mythical beings.

5f. Lore must be realistic, the world is Earth-like.

5g. All names for plants, animals, places, people, groups so on are fantasy names from only, no English word names.

Needed Reading

6a. This is the basic lore you must read:

Shattering Age

The year is 4E 250, of the Second era. For over 66 decades, the world of Taerel has been ravaged by the kin’toni plague, a sickness that converts those inflicted into kin tone, vampiric monsters seeking the blood of the zu’aan. The zu’aan and kin’toni struggle to live in a world that is out to kill them. Forget the power of technology, the world has been sent back to a new dark age The zu’aan have been driven back to a new dark age by the kin’toni hunting them down if they grow any bigger than small tribes.

Something has changed lately, as of the start of the Fourth Era, the kin’toni have stopped hunting down the zu’aan and now, cities have formed. The zu’aan is now made of two groups: The wandering tribal groupings that evade the kin’toni by never staying still. Their technology is only that of the stone age to the iron age. The cities are a new thing, having been founded at the start of the Fourth Era at the latest. Their tech is that of the ancient era of the zu’aan. Their survival is dependent on their high walls and their armies. Now, they are both dying, as their numbers dwindle, as a new ice age comes. The new ice age is coming, icy sheets from the North and South of Taerel, freezing all in its path.

In time, they will both struggle to survive. Will they survive the dark days ahead?

Timeline of Ages

Stone Age: Before 1E 0

Copper Age: 1E 1-1E 2200

Bronze Age: 1E 2200-1E 4400

Iron Age: 2E 0-2E 700

Ancient Age: 2E 700-2200

Middle Ages: 3E 0-2050

Early Modern Age: 2050-3E 2600

Industrial Age: 3E 2600-3E 2700

Machine Age: 3E 2700-3E 2800

Atomic Age: 3E 2800-3E 2850

Space Age: 2E 2850-2E 2900

Information Age: 3E 2850-3E 2900

Genetic Age: 3E 2950-3E 3000

Awakening Age: 3E 3000-3E 3415

Shattering Age: 4E 0-4E 250

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