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=Briefing and sample pages


The writer, in this contract called the "Freelancer" must write 10,000 to 50,000 words of creative writing world-building/lore in the style of a fictional Wikipedia article.

This article is a page with a title, containing at least 2000 words if a place and 3000 words if a zu’aan group. Each part of an article, a "section" defined by the larger header on the web page needs 500 words. The sections for the Wikipedia article (On places in my fictional world) are; "History", "Geography", "Plants", "Animals", while the sections for a zu'aan group ( a tribe/city of fictional sophont alien species) are: "History", "Psychology", "Culture", "Government", "Military", "Religion". There will be 25 total articles for the place pages and 16 total articles for the zu'aan groups per a given 50,000-word set.

The style of a Taerel article is clinical. No contractions or colloquialisms. Use formal language at all times. Use technical terminology. Be concise and readable. The Freelancer is writing a report on these places and groups in the world of Taerel as if it were a Wikipedia article. You will need to edit the wiki pages on a MediaWiki site. To edit MediaWiki wiki pages, click the "edit" tab, type into the screen and then click the "save changes" button once done. You are expected to follow the basic lore and the name of the group that controls an area or area that a group lives in. To find said the name of the area's controlling group or a group's controlled area, look out for a name starting with "Taerel:"

Lore to Follow

Please click on the link and read the basic lore primer:

Basic Lore Primer:

Sample Pages

These are sample pages that show an idea of what I want and the skill level needed. Do not copy content from these.


Zu'aan City:

Zu'aan Tribe:


These are terms you have to agree to and follow, if you do not you get dropped no pay.

Payment Terms

1a. Payment Amount: The payment for every 10,000 words is £10

1b. Payment timing: Payment is full after the work is done and sent to me. No upfront whatsoever.

1c. Payment method: Payment is via PayPal Only. I am not using any other way.

Other Terms

2a. Fiction Sample: The Client requires a prose-format fiction sample from the Freelancer for review before being considered for the job. This sample cannot be AI-generated or stolen from else were. You must have a portfolio.

2b. Deadline: There is a 10-day oer 10,000 words claimed deadline for the Freelancer to finish their work.

2c Progress: Progress must be posted to the wiki or sent to me as files as they are done. This is so that I can keep track of how far and be able to review it.

Termination Clauses

3a. Ghosting: If the Freelancer is unresponsive for a week without warning, this contract will be terminated as per 3f.

3b. Article Quality: If the Freelancer's articles do not follow our Article Quality Policy or Canon Policy, or if they are cliche, the contract will be terminated as per 3f.

3c. If the work is found to be stolen or AI-generated, the contract with be terminated as per 3f.

3d. If the work is clearly not the worldbuilding lore asked for, such as a story, the contract with be terminated as per 3f.

3e. If the work is clearly badly written, and not up to the grade of existing wiki content, the contract with be terminated as per 3f.

3f. If the the contact is terminated, the Freelancer forfeits all pay. Their work will be deleted from the wiki and not used.

Article Quality Policy

4a. All articles must adhere to the established canon.

4b. All articles must be up to 2000 words for a place and 3000 words for a zu'aan group. Sections must be up to the required 500 words.

4c. All articles must use acceptable punctuation, spelling, and grammar. This includes the article title. Please follow this quick and dirty guide:

4d. Articles must be well-written and not make groups/lifeforms overpowered/super powerful.

Canon Policy

5a. There is no magic or psychic powers.

5b. Lifeforms must be able to evolve in earth-like world characteristics and be realistic.

5c. There are no real-world lifeforms or relations to real-world lifeforms nor overpowered/super-powerful lifeforms. Even mentioning them is not allowed.

5d. No tech past the iron age.

5e. No real gods/goddesses/deities/magical beings/mythical beings.

5f. Lore must be realistic, the world is Earth-like.

5g. All names for plants, animals, places, people, groups so on are fantasy names from only, no English word names.