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Taerel:Ver'roth Red Rock Mountains

Place Name:
Ver'roth Red Rock Mountains
Other Names:
Red Rock Mountains
First Settled:
Controllers of Ver'roth Red Rock Mountains in the following eras:
Stone Age:
Copper Age:
Bronze Age:
Iron Age:
Ancient Age:
Middle Age:
Early Modern Age:
Industrial Age:
Machine Age:
Atomic Age:
Space Age:
Information Age:
Genetic Age:
Awakening Age:
Shattering Age:


Stone Age: Before 1E 0

Copper Age: 1E 1-1E 2200

Bronze Age: 1E 2200-1E 4400

Iron Age: 2E 0-2E 700

Ancient Age: 2E 700-2200

Middle Ages: 3E 0-2050

Early Modern Age: 2050-3E 2600

Industrial Age: 3E 2600-3E 2700

Machine Age: 3E 2700-3E 2800

Atomic Age: 3E 2800-3E 2850

Space Age: 2E 2850-2E 2900

Information Age: 3E 2850-3E 2900

Genetic Age: 3E 2950-3E 3000

Awakening Age: 3E 3000-3E 3415

Shattering Age: 4E 0-4E 250

Born from the chaos of the Early Taerel, the constant converging and diverging of landmasses brought forth a magnificent wonder of nature, the Ver’roth Red Rock Mountains. When the huge land masses called the supercontinents of the early Taerel had started to diverge from the motherland, different pieces have started to collide and converge into one another. During the separation of land from the mother land, volcanoes were also constantly erupting below the surface of the vast ocean, on the ocean floor.

Because of this, a huge amount of minerals were spouted all the way up into the body and surface of the ocean, spreading far and wide. After years and years of unrest from the unruly ocean floor and the constant movement of the separated land masses, the different land forms began to slowly settle down. There are two specific landmasses that have collided with one another, slowly converging towards one another, right above the area where there is much of active volcanoes that were part of the unrest centuries ago.

This has caused the part of the ocean above to be filled with an abundance of minerals, one of them being iron as the most abundant. As the two converging land masses continued to push against each other, the iron in the water would come along with it, along with other minerals. After what seemed to be eons, the mountains had formed, with what seemed to be, at the time, mountain peaks with a tinge of soft pinkish hue. Early travelers have thought the pinkish peaks to be caused by a refraction of light coming from the sun at sundown the moment the light hits the peaks.

However, they were proven to be wrong, as it has been observed that as the years went by, that soft pinkish hue of the mountain peaks became darker and darker, Eventually, it has settled to its now dark ruby red color. Explorers have later found out that there is a high concentration of iron within the peaks, and that the reason that it’s red is that because of the peak’s exposure to oxygen and moisture has caused the iron to slowly rust. Soon, many different clans and tribes would try to assume this area as theirs all because of the many rich minerals that can be found within the caves of the mountains.

However, because of the harsh nature of the environment, the different clans and tribes would flee in fear that they may not survive living in the Ver’roth Red Rock Mountains. No one ever tried to inhabit the area once more, leaving all that remain within and outside of the mountains untouched. That is until the kin’toni outbreak happened, and with the rise of the different clans of the kin’toni, many have fled and inhabited many different regions. The Ver’roth Red Rock Mountains soon became home to the Quequea clan of the kin’toni.

As they have found a way in order to utilize the landscape to their advantage and inhabit the once inhabitable mountain environment.


Standing as a natural barrier of mother nature, the Red Rock Mountains tower over all other rock formations in its environment, imposing and intimidating to any and all who gaze upon it and walk under its shadow. The mountains are a part of a mountain range that was formed by a convergent plate boundary many eons ago, extending hundreds of kilometers along its length. In specific areas of the mountain range, volcanoes are present, spewing lava and ash into the atmosphere.

However, it is not through the volcanoes that the mountains earned their nickname but instead from the peaks of some that are tinted with a beautiful shade of red that would have the natives granting it its name. Alongside whatever produced the red coloration of the peaks of certain mountains, the mountain is replete with minerals and treasured metals inside it, consisting of countless prized jewels that glitter with fascinating colors. Even more peculiar, yet fascinating, are the odd series of labyrinthine caves and tunnels in the heart of the mountain, leading from one end of the land formation to the other.

These tunnels weave across seemingly the entirety of the mountains like veins inside a human, complex and dizzying in their makeup. Despite this it serves as a natural habitat and home to those who discover its existence, as certain species have proven through accessing the tunnels, establishing a mini-ecosystem within the blood vessels of the mountain. However, the possibility of entering a tunnel and never seeing the light of day again is real, and so also is the possibility of arriving on the other side of the mountain.

Their sheer size, number, and even the makeup of the smooth walls of the tunnel themselves seem almost sculpted, artificial, but none know their true origins. Over the years, however, plenty of the tunnels have fallen to the passage of time, as earthquakes rock the foundations of the mountains, causing debris to fall and prevent passage. However, unlike the glorious field of natural resources that are found in and on the mountains, the environment around it is less than adequate, dry and arid for miles upon miles around, with little to no source of water other than a river found many dozen miles away to its east.

Scanning around, one can immediately sense that without the proper equipment or even a proper plan when going here can make one become lost, especially if they have no knowledge on how to get around in the area, The environment around the mountains are considered to be warm or hot depending on the season. But because of the air’s low humidity outside of the mountain, it makes the air feel dry to the people who venture the Ver’roth landscape. During the hot seasons, the sun can get high up in the sky and temperatures can reach up to 70 degrees.

And during the warm season, temperatures will decrease and there will be a significant amount of rainfall that will vary within the season.


The rich soil of the red rock mountains provide an ideal location for many flora to thrive in. However, because not much rainfall is experienced there, little species of plants are able to live and survive there. Despite all this, the most abundant plant resource in the red rock mountains are the different trees in the area. These tree provide different sources of material and different foodstuffs that will help the Quequea clan in their survival. One tree, which is a type of tree called the nrn, is a small shrub like an oak tree that bears fruit every 4 months in a year.

The fruit of this tree are called the nrn berries. The berries are bluish-red in color, and gives off quite a sweet smell and this of course, attracts small insects to the tree. This becomes the defense mechanism for the tree from other bigger predators that may destroy the tree. Given the small stature of the tree, the lumber is not being used for anything, while the berries can be taken and extracted for juice or be eaten as it is. These trees were once overlooked and never bothered with by the people living there because of the insects that covered the bark of the tree.

However, by accidentally knocking into the tree, a few of the berries were able to drop and they were able to taste it. Another tree which is mostly used for its sap and lumber is a tree from one of the pine forests called a blroos. These trees are tall and somewhat slender, and grow very abundant in the area. The sap when you cut into the tree is viscous and dark brown in color, it has a pungent odor that smells like burning rubber. This sap is sticky and is considered a great material as an adhesive.

They use the lumber as materials for construction in whatever that they have made, and they have used the sap as a strong adhesive for the different woodworks. Lastly is the kind of shrub that is also abundant in the area that is used for its leaves and the fruit it bears. The leaves are a kind of vegetation, as well as a kind of herb that can be used in the food that they make. It has a strong clean taste, while it has a subtle minty smell. It is barely used as the main focus of a dish, but rather it is used more as an accompaniment, or used to elevate the taste of meat dishes.

The fruit is a round green fruit that is overwhelmingly sour when unripe, and when the juice hits the eyes, it leaves a burning sensation that can make one temporarily blind for about an hour. This unripe fruit is used mostly for its juice when going to battle as when they spray the juice into the eyes of their enemies, they can temporarily blind them. However, when the fruit is ripe, it is a sweet, delicious fruit that can be eaten as it is. The smell is not that pleasant as it gives off an odor close to the smell of waste, but the taste very well makes up for it.


The Ver’roth Red Rock Mountains, despite it’s dry and arid nature, is still home to many different kinds of fauna. If one decides to look and explore the vast landscape that the Ver’roth Red Rock Mountains has to offer, they can find different fauna within the caves of the mountain itself, the environment outside of the mountains and the lone river dozen of miles away to the east. One of the many species of land animals that reside within the landscapes of the Ver’roth Red Rock Mountains are the kunegi.

These are a species of carnivorous rabbit like lifeform that are a bit smaller than a dog. These animals have high metabolism that causes them to go hunting almost frequently in a week, depending on the size and/or quantity of the food that they hunt. They also have a high reproduction rate that causes areas that they inhabit to lose biodiversity of other animals. This causes the amount of prey available to them to slowly decrease and eventually dwindle down to nothingness. Because of this, the species has resulted to frequent cannibalism.

Their fur is thin and their skin has a leathery feel to it, which is perfect for creating footwear and clothes for the people residing in the mountains. Their meat is hard to handle and even more difficult to cook. It becomes tough and gamey, which becomes unfit for consumption among the people there. However, it can be used as bait and food in order to tame and hunt for other animals within the area. Within the lone lake miles away to the east, there lives a certain species that thrives in the waters there.

Because the waters in that river were crystal clear, you can immediately notice a rainbow hue streaking through the water as that swims by. The cause of this is a fish like animal called the raeioo (ray-oo), well known for its rainbow scales that shines with luminosity at night and would shine even brighter when it senses that it is in danger. It starts out small but as it grows, it can eventually grow into 10 meters long. It is luminous in the dark because right below the scales, they secrete a special substance that absorbs the light when it is exposed to the sun and when in a dark place.

That substance glows just beneath their rainbow colored scales. And when they encounter predators, their fear causes them to secrete more of it, making the luminosity brighter, therefore blinding the predator before making a quick escape. The Quequea clan of kin’toni have realised that they could use this secreted substance for light, and have started hunting them from time to time. A single raeioo secretes a lot of this substance, so i is not required to catch a lot of the fish like animal.

The whole fish can also be used as food, while its scales can be integrated and created into different kinds of armor and weapons; further proving the usefulness of this species to the Quequea. The reason why this is the only species of fish that thrives in the river is because the water is rich full of different minerals to the point that it is unsafe for wildlife, except the raeioo.

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