Taerel:Psychology (Zu'Aan)

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zu'aan can be decisive and rash, often with an explorer's spirit. These traits make zu'aan an indomitable race that can survive through the direst circumstances. zu'aan typically hurl themselves into the unknown with little thought for the consequences until they arise. The zu'aan instinct to "leap without looking" often leads them into danger that they sometimes cannot escape from, for all their tenacity. zu'aan are an ambitious race, driven to achieve their goals to a far greater degree than any other race. This ambition can lead them to acts of great cruelty, but it can also lead them to greatness.

Their ambition also makes them impatient and prone to self-deception. However, zu'aan tend to be a pious race that put their faith in all of the gods, often too much so. Even with their diversity, many zu'aan are intolerant of other races and cultures. zu'aan are said to be the most diverse race; though some characteristics are common among zu'aan, there are many exceptions to the generalized view; some humans are very grounded and unambitious, while others may lack the determination and resilience inherent in the majority of the race. Even among those that poses the ambition, determination and tenacity there is a great amount of variation.

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