Basic Lore Primer

Taerel, a worldbuilding project

Basic Lore

Awakening Age

In the year 2E 3000, the cataclysmic fall of civilisation across Terael happened, as the kin’toni, horrid gene engineered beasts escaped the labs of the Zaual-Arae City, they spread like wildfire though Juare, then the Zelan Landmass, then over the world. Made in the labs of the Empire as a gene engineered superweapon to be used to fight their rivals, the Kaa’ora Kingdom, a Kindom of shining stone and golden spires.

The zu’aan empire was an grand empire of vast proportions and much might, both of military and economic types. But this superweapon was their big mistake that started their fall from grace. As the kin’toni clans grew in number, the fires of the Awakening burn as the zu’aan flee the vampyric breasts… the tribes of the olden times flee deeper into the wilds and the city zu’aan wall themselves up in the cities as the kin’toni clans roam outside.

They horde whatever technology they can get hold off even as the world falls into chaos outside the walls of the cities. Both inside the cities, and outside, along the zu’aan tribes and kin’toni clans, many die. From ways ranging from sickness, to hunger to lack of water, many people die . And of course, many perish from kin’tonis drinking them dry in maddened fits of hunger. That is, if they are not left alive to turn.

Weapons of war, both old and new are used in the war between the two races, the world is divided into the kin’toni clans, the feared beasts of the wilds, the tribal zu’aan, the wanderers of the wilds and the zu’aan cities, the shunned of the wilds. The weapons used are ranging from spears and bows to guns and mounted weapons, even the feared atomics are used, weapons of great and terrible power.

Under the powers of the atomic weapons, long outlawed and controlled and never used in fear of destruction for all, the cities of old are shattered and blackened. The nations of old fall as warring tribes, city-states, packs, bands, clans, and even vast hordes of kin’tonis and zu’aan. They both wage war on each over. when will this seemingly endless war end?

Shattering Age

The year is 4E 250, of the Second era. For over 66 decades, the world of Taerel has been ravaged by the kin’toni plague, a sickness that converts those inflicted into kin’toni, vampyric monsters seeking the blood of the zu’aan. The zu’aan and kin’toni struggle to live in a world that is out to kill them.. Forget the power of technology, the world has been sent back to a new dark age The zu’aan have been driven back to a new dark age by the kin’toni hunting them down if they grow any bigger then small tribes.

Something has changed lately, as of the start of the Fouth Era, the kin’toni have stopped hunting down the zu’aan and now, cities have formed. The zu’aan are now made of two groups: The wandering tribal groupings that evade the kin’toni by never staying still. Their technology is only that of the stone age to the iron age. The cites are a new thing, having been founded at the start of the Fouth Era at the latest. Their tech is that of the ancient era of the zu’aan. Their survival is dependent on their high walls and their armies. Now, they are both dying, as their numbers dwindle, as a new ice age comes. The new ice age is coming, icy sheets from the North and South of Taerel, freezing all in its path.

In time, they will both struggle to survive. Will they survive the dark days ahead?