Introduction to Taerel

Taerel, a worldbuilding project


The basic idea is having multiple ages of history covering Taerel's fictional history.


The project started when TheBurningPrincess was in a children's home named "Linden House". One of the carers was a man named James. TheBurningPrincess liked to talk to James about a "Vampire world", in time, James asked her to write down the lore for her vampire clans. This led her to start the first version of Taerel, the "Vampyre Clans Project. She went to DeviantArt forums to find users. and found a user named "TheSkull31" to help her. At that time, the wiki was hosted on Wikia, now known as FANDOM. She and TheSkull 31 wrote down the lore of the Vampyre clans. Later, she came up with the idea of adding pages for places, and people related to the Vampyre clans.

This second version of the Taerel project was named "Galas Malatar". The project's writers were unpaid volunteers at the time. Progress was slow. In about 2019, the Vampyres were renamed "kin'toni", all common nouns were lowercase and any "Elder Scrolls" kin'toni clan names were changed. The world was also renamed "Taerel. In 2020, TheBurningPrincess switched over from using volunteer writers to paid freelancers. Progress sped up to 50,000 to 100,000 words a month. At the latest count, on the 15th of June, 2023, the wiki stands at 2,369,308 words and 895 pages.


Taerel's goal is to build a fictional world for others to enjoy. There are links in the header to find the new pages, all pages, this page and a issue tracker in case you find some kind of error in Taerel's text.

The Taerel news,updates and milestones can be found here:

Take Part Now!

Do you love world-building and creative writing? Are you ready to dive deep into a fictional universe and craft compelling lore that will captivate readers? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! We are seeking a skilled writer to create 50,000 words of world-building/lore in the style of a fictional Wikipedia article. You will be crafting lore from scratch while adhering to a basic set of established guidelines for each page.

The project will include 25 articles for place pages and 16 articles for Zu'aan groups for every set of 50,000 words. Each article will consist of a page with a title and a minimum of 2000 words for a place and 3000 words for a Zu'aan group. Additionally, each article will be divided into "sections" defined by larger headers on the webpage, with each section requiring 500 words. For place pages, the sections will include "History", "Geography", "Plants", and "Animals". For Zu'aan groups, the sections will include "History", "Psychology", "Culture", "Government", "Military", and "Religion".

The compensation for this project is £50 for every 50,000 words, paid via VantaFox Middleman, as outlined in our contract ( If you are interested in this opportunity, please carefully review the contract before signing up. If you're passionate about writing and excited to build a new world, we'd love to hear from potential writers. To sign up or for any further inquiries, please contact Eytirth#1310 on Discord or send an email to [email protected].

We welcome both paid and volunteer (unpaid) writers to join our team and help bring the world of Taerel to life.